Lincosim Training


Workshop title: LINCOSIM / Web Training Description
Location: GoToMeeting Platform
Date: 10th September 2019
Time: 11:00 CET


LincoSim is a rich web platform for hull design based on the open source library OpenFOAM and accessible as a SaaS, developed in the framework of the LINCOLN H2020 project. Thanks to LincoSim, a designer may easily perform all the required steps related to the submission of advanced 3D RANS CFD model on an HPC cluster for a desired physical hull hydrodynamics problem without the necessity of being an expert on CFD nor on HPC infrastructure deployment. Therefore, it is possible to interactively evaluate dierent geometries for a given model in multiple uid dynamics conditions (0 to 2 DoF).

This training webinar will show the main features of the LincoSim platform, and describe how it was applied on selected industrial use cases.

Web training agenda

  • Introduction to LincoSim
  • How to prepare and run a LincoSim simulation?
  • How to analyze LincoSim-produced results?
  • Some examples of LincoSim applied to LINCOLN demonstrators
  • Conclusions and future evolution