Lean Design

Lean Methodology for Maritime Design: Evolution towards Excellence

  • Extends the advantage of lean thinking to SME vessels builders
  • Able to address Maritime Industry needs and constraints peculiarities
  • Able to improve the design process of vessels from a system perspective
  • Focused on the design and development of highly specialized, unique, low volume vessels and services
  • Focused on process waste reduction

The Lean Design Methodology is a Transformation Framework that:

  • Provides designers a comprehensive view of the design process (with its own implementation)
  • Provides a people centric way of organizing the knowledge based processes needed to invent new vessels and services to better meet customer needs.
  • Leverages methods (data and tools) to continuously improve the process, and the products and services delivered, while minimizing the use of resources and the impact on the environment.
  • Integrates product usage information and design parameters in a structured manner, through KbeML


SMEs involved in the design and engineering of maritime vessels
Organizations seeking to transform and implement lean in their design processes to eliminate waste


A faster pace for design variation of specialized vessels
Improved design skills that support the development ofcustomized and cost-effective vessels.


LINCOLN: Lean Design Methodology by POLIMI