LCPA Software

The LCPA tool is an application to assess products and processes in terms of economic and environmental Key Performance Indicators (KPI). It typically does this by comparing a reference scenario with one or more innovative alternatives.

  • Interfaces to existing LCA tools for improved evaluation of environmental footprints
  • More end-user orientated user interface to enable staff without extensive modelling skills
  • Pre-defined but customizable LCPA models


Definition of the main characteristics of a product or process that will be subject of comparison (typically the innovative components)

Calculation of economic and environmental KPIs

Visualisation of results by different charts showin absolute values or developments over time

Different user interface for modeling experts as well as product desginers and customers


Coverage of the entire life cycle

Comprehensive analysis of innovative solutions to identify the best one

Application by modeling experts as well as product developers and (with a customised user interface) even by customers

Result comparison by different types of charts and graphs

Definition of own calculations based upon the KPI results

For further in-depth analysis, results might be exported into other software products

LINCOLN: Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) by POLIMI