Iot Platform

It is a platform for all maritime sector stakeholders, who want to have real time information of their boats. It  enables transfer and storage real-life data for vessels and weather conditions including the ability to import data from other sources (like e.g. operating manuals, vessel build-info, etc.). The system also enables analysis of data and provision of answers to data enquires from users.


The IoT Platform has been developed for professional vessel market, starting from the commercial I-Captain solution of Holonix, about leisure vessels market.
It allows to: keep updated the boat and main on-board equipment profiles; store on the cloud navigation data; create automatically boats’ logbook; organize boats’ cruises; manage the maintenance activities. The platform is able to: share the historical data; save historical data on the repository, through specific API; gather data for simulation tests describing the conditions in which the simulation tests run; define the tests runs and associate the described conditions to the run results.

It’s stakeholders oriented:

Captain & Crew
Captain / Coastguard Captain / Coastguard HQ / Operator of the

Maintenance Service

Owner of the product / Owner of the windpark

Shipyard and Services
Service Support and Aftermarket / Manufacturer / Third party
companies / Designers / Shipyard Designer / Service and transfer
company / Engine and equipment provider


Thanks to the platform data are managed: they could be handle, saved
in the repository and accessible to users. Moreover, they can be
integrated: they are unified, coming from different devices and sources.

Boats’ design more stakeholders’ needs oriented
Boats’ design more economically efficient
Economic saving for shipyards’ people
Time saving for shipyards’ people
Economic saving for boats’ owners
Time saving for boats’ owners

LINCOLN: The IoT platform by HOLONIX