Marine Gateway

Marine Gateway is a microcontroller-based electronic board designed to be installed permanently on a commercial vessel to gather data of the boat during its lifecycle and to enable the communication with the LINCOLN IoT platform.

The Marine Gateway is based on 32bit microcontroller and embedded sensors able to acquire navigation data (position, acceleration, velocity, etc.) and elaborate operational information for boat manufacturers and end users.


Monitoring, management, and optimization of operational processes for vessels and boat
Real-time analytics for “Intelligent” Sailing


Data acquisition from different sources: NMEA2000 channel, dedicated sensors and other on-board systems
Local data elaboration and IoT platform connectivity via Wi-Fi or GSM
Modular and easily adaptable to different setups
Easily programmable in Python
Remote (Over-The-Air) firmware update
Low-power and cost-effective

LINCOLN: The Marine Gateway by TOI